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If you have a drug charge on your criminal record in Philadelphia, you may be eligible to have the charge expunged. While you may feel that the drug charge is in your past and has no bearing on the person that you have become since your drug charge, others may not see having a drug charge on your criminal record the same way. Future employers and landlords are especially weary of accepting applications form people with a drug charge on their criminal record. If your drug charge is eligible to be expunged from your record, there is no need to continue to be viewed by others as an offender or drug abuser.

Why you Should Expunge your Drug Charge

Expunging your Philadelphia drug charge from your criminal record may be the first step toward advancing your career, particularly if you wish to work in one of the many industries that will not employ former drug offenders. If you hope to one day work with children, in the medical field, or as an officer of the peace, having a drug record will most likely prevent you from finding employment in your field of interest. While some applicants may be given the opportunity to defend their individual drug charge by explaining the details of the drug charge, most former drug offenders are not given the luxury of an interview. There are also many places that will not accept applications from individuals who have an offense on their record, particularly a drug charge.

How to Clear your Drug Charge from your Record

While you may have remained clean and sober since your conviction, and have attended Narcotics Anonymous and/or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, getting your drug record cleared is generally the only way to prevent future employers and landlords from discriminating against your resume. If you have dedicated yourself to living a clean and healthy lifestyle, then you deserve a fresh start in life and should not be held back by a drug charge that occurred long ago. For more information about substance abuse facilities in your area, visit the following website

By clearing your drug record, your drug charge will be removed from most background checks for employment and housing, which may further your chances of getting a career in your desired field. More importantly, expunging your Philadelphia drug charge will also enable you to tell family and friends that you have not been convicted of a drug charge, relieving you of the stigma of being associated with a drug charge.