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Before you choose just any attorney to expunge your Pennsylvania record, check if they specialize in expungement in Pennsylvania. Lawyers who specialize in expungement perform criminal record expungement cases daily and can expunge your record more quickly for a lower price. Each court in Pennsylvania has their own rules and procedures. Knowing these rules from the start leads to a greater chance of having your Pennyslvania record expunged and having your expungement performed sooner. You can see if you are eligible for expungement at They offer a low-price and money-back guarantee. They are a sponsor of this site.   If you cannot afford an attorney contact  If you want to compare attorneys, contact the State Bar and ask for some recommendations.

Questions to ask an Expungement Attorney, Lawyer
The first thing to ask an expungement attorney is are they license to practice law in Pennsylvania. Get their PA state bar number and make sure it is valid. The next thing to ask is when they can start on your case. Also ask the following:

  • Does the price include answering objections from the DA
  • Does the price include sending an attorney to court for you
  • Does the service come with a money back guarantee
  • Does the law firm specialize in expungement and record sealing
  • Have they handled expungement cases like yours
  • What is their success rate with expunging Pennsylvania records
  • Does the price include all fees associated with the expungement

Beware of Non-Attorneys
Some companies offer “expungement assistance”, which is really just a term for making you do all the work. These companies are usually packed with form processors and paralegals, both of which are unable to represent you in Pennsylvania court. This can be extremely detrimental to successfully expunging your Pennsylvania record as they cannot argue your case in front of a judge or handle an objection from a district attorney. This can cost your only chance at successfully expunging your Pennsylvania criminal record. Most of these companies have a poor success rate, sell services when the person is not even eligible, and have left many customers angry as they do not offer a money-back guarantee. For more information on getting a record expunged read our page on how to expunge your record.

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