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If you are not eligible for expungement in Pennsylvania, there is an option to clear your record by seeking a pardon. There are no eligibility requirements for a pardon unlike an expungement. If you have a record that may come up on a criminal search, background check, or if your information is in the Pennsylvania public records, it is in your best interest to seek a pardon. A police check may still show that your record has been pardoned by the state.

A pardon makes it so that the conviction is completely expunged so it it will make it look as though the case has never even happened.

Keep in mind that it typically takes about five to six months for an expungement to be cleared and completed. Any firm claiming faster service is likely fraudulent information. So do yourself a favor and get your prior record expunged, it will help you now, and help you in the future.

Although we do our best to get the clearest information regarding Pennsylvanian Expungements, please keep in mind that it is in your best interest to call a specialized Pennsylvania Pardon Attorney to get the latest up-to-date information.






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