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pittsburg dui expungement

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Pittsburg is the second largest city in Pennsylvania, and offers an abundance of employment opportunities for qualified applicants. With a population of over 306,200 in Pittsburg, the job market is also that much more competitive. Do not allow a past DUI arrest on your criminal record prevent you from passing background checks for employment. By expunging your DUI arrest from your Pittsburg criminal record, you are taking a proactive step toward providing a better life for yourself and your family.

Most employers and landlords run background checks as a prescreening process. Typically, applicants with offenses on their criminal record are eliminated immediately. This reality is particularly harsh for offenders who are trying to reenter the workforce or expand their career opportunities, since not passing criminal background checks will prevent them from being considered for a position even before their application reaches human resources. In the event that you are given the opportunity to interview for the position, having to explain the circumstances of your DUI arrest can not only be embarrassing, but may still prevent you from getting the job or promotion for which you are applying. Expunging your DUI arrest may help you to pass background checks for employment, allowing your resume to speak for itself. Your accomplishments and qualifications should be what stands out, not your DUI arrest.

How do I Expunge my DUI?

Fortunately, when you expunge your DUI arrest in Pittsburg, the court sends orders to the PA State Police and to the PA Department of Transportation to remove all evidence of your offense. Once your DUI arrest is expunged, you can legally deny the occurrence of your DUI arrest on applications for employment and housing. Expunging your DUI arrest will also update your DMV records so that there is no record of your DUI arrest. For more information about how expunging your DUI arrest affects your DMV record, and for information about alcohol and drug awareness, visit the website at

No longer endure the stigma of having a DUI arrest on your Pittsburg criminal record. Expunging your DUI arrest proves to others that you have recognized the error of poor judgment and have since dedicated yourself to living a responsible and healthy life. A granted expungement means that a judge has deemed that you are worthy of a new start in life, and by passing background checks for employment and housing, hopefully you will be able to begin your journey.

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