If you have been convicted and your conviction was not a summary offense or you did not have to participate in an ARD or Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition program, unfortunately you must wait until you are 70 years of age before proceeding to expunge your record. It is unfortunately that there is no way to expunge your record otherwise, but the Pennsylvanian law is very clear on this.

Once you do reach 70 years of age, you can expunge your record so that it is not viewable – provided that you have not been arrested or prosecuted for ten years following either confinement or supervision. An expungement will make it so that the records has not even occurred.

For more information, please contact an attorney who can assist you with more in-depth details on Pennsylvanian expungements.

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Keep in mind that it typically takes about five to six months for an expungement to be cleared and completed. Any firm claiming faster service is likely fraudulent information. So do yourself a favor and get your prior record expunged, it will help you now, and help you in the future.