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As a young adult, mistakes can occur. These mistakes can follow you into your adulthood as you apply for employment and higher levels of education.

With 80% of employers conducting background checks and 66% of universities inquiring about convictions, according to the Center for Community Alternatives, sealing your juvenile record can increase the likelihood of achieving your goals as an adult.

The first step to determining if your case is eligible for a juvenile record sealing begins by reviewing if your case meets the necessary requirements.

Depending on the state your case occurred in, requirements can vary, although across most states a juvenile record sealing requires that you:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must not have pending charges
  • Must have paid all fines and restitution
  • Must have completed all terms and conditions of court ordered probation

To evaluate if your juvenile record is eligible for a sealing, visit to complete the free eligibility test or call an attorney licensed to practice law in PA.